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Read the latest news and updates about Mobile Physician Services (MPS), and which events we are attending on this page. If you have any specific questions, try our FAQs page or call (855) 232-0644.

COVID-19 Alerts and Information – Stay up to date

  COVID-19 To stay up to date with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, use the following links and information from the CDC, and the Florida and Ohio Departments of Health. Florida Florida Department of Health Florida’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard Ohio Ohio Department of Health       Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Centers for Disease Control […]

Telemedicine (855) 232-0644   At Mobile Physician Services, our customized care teams provide patients with both comfort and familiarity as they work with dedicated primary care providers and care coordinators to improve their health. Our healthcare providers and staff take a proactive approach to preventive care, chronic disease management, and chronic illness support right where […]

Was it something I ate? [Food Safety]

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Introduction to Medically At-Risk Driving

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration   Information on Driving with Medical Conditions Alzheimer’s Disease (PDF, 198K) Arthritis (PDF, 217K) Cataracts (PDF, 217K) Diabetes (PDF, 197K) Glaucoma (PDF, 183K) Macular Degeneration (PDF, 189K) Parkinson’s Disease (PDF, 192K) Sleep Apnea (PDF, 195K) A Stroke (PDF, 178K)  

Mental Health Basics

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Training and Development Day 2020 [photos]

Mobile Physician Services Training and Development A view from the classroom