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Attention House Call Providers

Have your expenses increased, and your reimbursements decreased?hiring providers

Starting a house call practice may seem easy—but to grow it and sustain it is a significantly different issue.

Owning your individual practice may mean that you are always on-call. There are many challenges that the patient health care field presents before a medical provider even gets to see their patients. That may mean having to spend additional time away from your loved ones. The risk of provider burn-out is real.

Maintaining a private practice means you are involved with all the grinds and complexities of the business each day – hiring, personnel management, scheduling, getting medical coding and submitting billing correctly, fighting claim denials, collecting from patients, maintaining business operations, marketing your business & developing growth, credentialing, dealing with technological difficulties and interpreting health care laws. If all of this sounds more stressful than satisfying to you, contact us about joining our team of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.

In 2021, Mobile Physician Services will be celebrating our 15-year anniversary! Mobile Physician Services is a recognized Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), multi-specialty medical house call practice. Our providers visit the patients in their home, whether it be a private home, assisted living facility or an independent living facility. Our industry-leading house call doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants take a proactive approach to chronic disease management and chronic illness support.

Our providers visit on average six to eight patients per day; schedule may vary depending on location, distance travelled, or whether visiting a private home or multi-patient community. The lower volume allows providers time to focus and deliver the highest quality of care to each individual patient.

Each provider is supported by dedicated teams of office staff, including medical assistants, schedulers, billers, intake coordinators, credentialing, operations, and a business development team.

If you are ready to make a change and get back to focusing on patient care and loving what you do every day, contact us at (855) 232-0644 ext. 4090 or info@mps-mail.com.

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