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Join us for Furry Friends Fridays! 

Join us in Furry Friends Fridays! 🐾🐇🐱🐶🐼🦄

Submit photos of your own dog, cat, bird, fish, ferret, etc. to Mobile Physician Services at MPSmail@mps-mail.com for possible inclusion in our Furry Friends Friday Facebook posts! Each week we will pick a photo(s) and feature it on our MPS Facebook page.

Be sure to include your pet’s name and any other info about the photo you wish to share (i.e. breed, description of activity, etc.). Be sure to check back each week, as your pet may appear at a later date. #furryfriendsfriday


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Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

Time lost is brain lost. Every minute counts when you or someone you know is having a stroke. Act F.A.S.T. and call 911 right away if you spot signs of stroke.

When someone is having a stroke, every minute counts. Just as putting out a fire quickly can stop it from spreading, treating a stroke quickly can reduce damage to the brain. If you learn how to recognize the telltale signs of a stroke, you can act quickly and save a life—maybe even your own.