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The Importance of Staying Hydrated


               Keeping ourselves hydrated is vital for our health, considering our bodies consist of 60%-80% water, give or take. Just by drinking around eight, eight ounce glasses of water a day, you can reduce and prevent negative health risks both internally and externally. In addition to, decreasing your risk for both colon and bladder cancer.

                However, when not drinking enough water you may become dehydrated. When your body is 20% dehydrated you’re at increased risk of death due to dehydration. Becoming dehydrated can be caused by many things such as, illnesses, diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, frequent urination, Diabetes, and even burns. Dehydration can then trigger headaches, migraines, impaired mood, concentration and energy levels, as well as a possible reduction in memory and brain performance depending on the person.

               Drinking more water is beneficial in many different ways. A few healthy benefits of drinking more water would be the treatment of dry skin, muscle cramps, treatment and reduction of kidney stones, regulating blood pressure, and weight loss. Water can play a huge role when trying to lose weight, considering it helps boosts your metabolic rate. It is recommended to drink cold water due to the fact that your body burns more calories while attempting to increase your body temperature. By drinking a glass of water a half hour before meals; you will feel more full and the water will suppress your appetite further helping in the weight loss process.

                Behind the scenes, water does so much more than what we’ve already discussed. Further into the body, water is used to: transport nutrients and oxygen into cells, detoxify internal organs, help our organs to absorb nutrients better, protect and moisturize our joints, as well as keep our bodies at a regulated temperature.

                All in all, consuming an adequate amount of water a day can substantially benefit your health and prevent and reduce many risks for chronic diseases. Just by starting the day with a glass of water will help further your health.

Mobile Physician Services Commercial

Mobile Physician Services now has a commercial airing on ABC Action News.


Florida’s Doctor Gun Law

         By the decision of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, physicians in the state of Florida are once again allowed to question patients and their families about owning a firearm and record firearm information into their records.

          The decision of the court, however, has left a provision intact that allows the patients and their families to refuse answering any questions pertaining to gun ownership. As well as, the patients and families being able to refuse any firearm discussion physicians cannot discriminate any patients solely based on a firearm status.

          Before this change came into effect, in 2011 the Florida Firearm Owner’s Privacy Act was enacted. This law barred physicians from questioning their patients about firearms and from them recording any information about firearms into their records. The law was enacted after many complaints were made from patients that the physicians were inquiring about firearms and firearm safety and in some cases the physicians refused to provide a patient with care after their decline to answer.

          Sometime after the law had passed a group of physicians and the ACP Florida Chapter sued the state while arguing that the law was violating physician’s free speech protections and that they are only trying to encourage firearm safety and make the patients and families aware of potential health and safety risks.

          With that argument in the way the court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs stating that the right to own and bear arms does not preclude questions about, commentary on, or criticism for the exercise of that right. Which allows the physicians to ask patients and families about owning a firearm and giving them the choice to discuss or decline giving any information without the physician being able to refuse to give the patient healthcare depending on their choice.

         The law was made to favor both the patients and the physicians but, the debate still stands for physicians concerned about the patients and their own safety and the risks of the patient having a firearm and the physician not being allowed to properly discuss the dangers and to maybe even prevent a future accident with a simple discussion.

          All in all, a physician’s main concern is providing their patient with proper healthcare while maintaining a safe and secure environment for both them and the patient while respecting the patient’s rights.

Alcohol Awareness Month

About usAlcohol Awareness.

   Alcohol related risks usually don’t appear until later in life. People who drink alcohol excessively increase their risk of liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, pancreatitis, and even some forms of cancer. That being said the month of April is considered Alcohol Awareness Month and raises a specific awareness on the ninth with National Alcohol Screening Day. Screening your patients and informing them and their care givers about the risks and dangers of alcohol abuse is important and can be life-saving under many different circumstances.

    Just by cutting down on how much alcohol you consume or even opting for low-calorie alternatives can help you maintain a healthier weight and appearance, considering alcohol has a high calorie content. Excessive alcohol consumption can also affect how well you sleep at night by possibly causing sleep disturbances as well as development of mental health difficulties, or even make existing problems worse.

     If determined necessary by a Primary Care Provider, patients with Medicare can be provided with an annual alcohol screening under the “Screening and Behavioral Counseling Interventions in Primary Care to Reduce Alcohol Misuse” benefit. Typically, an alcohol screening is provided when a Primary Care Provider notices a patient’s need for help to reduce or abstain from the consumption of alcohol.

     Medicare patients whom screen positive may be eligible for counseling. The Primary Care Provider then can perform the counseling for the patients that are competent and alert. Taking the steps to reduce and prevent alcohol abuse isn’t a difficult process when you seek the proper help and attention from your Primary Care Provider.

Electronic Health Records

Efficiency while using Electronic Health Record Systems.

Efficiency and accuracy are two words that should come to mind when thinking about the importance of your health care. To us, at Mobile Physician Services, it is even more important that we are on top of everything and that we are providing the absolute best health care for our patients. By doing so we use a very well organized EHR system that both our providers and patients have access to.

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is a secure, user friendly, web tool that electronically stores a patient’s health care information. Today most health care facilities use their own form of an EHR system. EHR systems store almost all of a patient’s health information ranging from lab work documents to doctor’s notes.

With Mobile Physician Services being a multi-specialty practice our EHR system allows our specialists to collaborate and provide accurate care for our patients. It is extremely important for specialists to cooperate as a team when providing care for patients with complex and chronic diseases especially when it pertains to prescribing medications and continuity of care. Our EHR system allows our providers to communicate with and provide in-sight to each other while treating the patient’s health care in an efficient manner.

Another important tool our EHR system provides is patient access, known as the patient portal. A patient can opt into the patient portal by just providing their email address. Once enrolled, our patients have access to most of their personal health information that has been provided. The portal grants the patient access to any of their own lab work, x-rays, ultrasounds, visit summaries, and more while enrolled with Mobile Physician Services. Patients can also request prescription refills, see any upcoming appointments, and communicate with a Patient Care Coordinator to address any questions or concerns regarding their health care.

Adapting to the new technology in health care can be tough for some but Mobile Physician Services is still just one simple phone call away. We are aware of the importance of being comfortable with and understanding your health care provider. Providing outstanding care at our patient’s own pace is very important to us and we strive to offer our patients the best in health care and technology.


American Heart Month

Patients who need house call doctors

Tips on being heart-healthy.

Mobile Physician Services strives to make sure all of our patients receive the proper health care and maintain a healthy lifestyle, specifically when it comes to heart- health.. By doing so, we would like to recognize the month of February as American Heart Month. American Heart Month was established because in the United States the leading cause of death is cardiovascular disease. For example, one in every three deaths are due to heart disease and stroke. There are many simple and easy ways to improve the health of your heart.

One important step, to fighting back against heart disease, is to make every calorie count by eating a heart-healthy diet. A heart-healthy diet is high in vegetables, fresh fruits and avoiding foods that are high in sodium and trans-fat. Another equally important step to a healthy heart is to get the right amount of sleep and exercise for your age, as well as, cardiovascular testing. Simple exercises for people with limited mobility would range from light weight lifting to swimming. Many swimming pools and health clubs offer pool-therapy programs for wheelchair users and, if you have some leg function, a water aerobics class would be a great option. If you suffer from high blood pressure be sure to check your blood pressure before exercising and avoid exercises involving heavy weight lifting. Just by getting your blood pressure checked once a year can reduce your risk for heart disease or heart related problems.

Mobile Physician Services provides the most efficient care to make sure our patients are healthy and more importantly heart-healthy. In the comfort of the patients’ home, we provide the proper testing and attention to prevent and treat heart disease. If you’re ready to take the first step to being heart-healthy you may contact Mobile Physician Services at 855-232-0644 or online at

National Medical Group Practice Week

  The fourth week in January is National Medical Group Week

Mobile Physician Services always goes for a team approach to make sure our patients receive the greatest healthcare. The month of January raises awareness for National Medical Group Practice’s who recognizes the teams of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, their administrative office staff and anyone else that plays a role in the group. We collaborate with our providers and other healthcare professionals to ensure our patients’ healthcare needs are met at home.National Medical Group Practice Week

National Medical Group Practices are considered groups of three or more physicians that practice medicine and share resources. A group practice may also include multiple specialists or primary care physicians. Depending on the group practice, they may consist of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and anyone who plays a role in the team approach.

Mobile Physician Services is recognized by NCQA as a Level 2 PCMH medical practice that consists of primary care physicians, specialty care physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, patient care coordinators, and many others along with our helping staff.

A Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition is awarded to primary care practices that combine teamwork and technology to improve the quality of care while demonstrating that the group meets the standards of care set forth by NCQA. National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA) is a private, non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving health care quality by working with a wide range of healthcare organizations with helping make the best decisions on what is the most important in healthcare and promoting improvement of quality of care, patient experience of care, and reducing costs. Recognition shows that Mobile Physician Services has the adequate system, tools and resources to provide patients with the right medical care, at the right time.

Here at Mobile Physician Services we stay dedicated to our patients and their health care. You can find out more information about our services by calling (855)-232-0644 or (727)-232-0644. You can visit our website at

Expanding to Palm Beach County

Mobile Physician Services now in Palm Beach CountyMobile Physician Services is now in Palm Beach County

Mobile Physician Services is proud to announce our recent expansion into Palm Beach County. We will be serving the home bound population of most of Palm Beach County. For more information about Mobile Physician Services you can call us at 855-232-0644.